HSI Reflections


(Pic with my two friends Sierra and Milly at a Colorado Rockies game)

Hey everyone! So, today is technically the last day of the High School Summer Institute. I would like to use this post to reflect on everything that has happened.

First, let’s talk about the classes. We each had one Humanities class and one Science class. My Humanities class was, as you might have guessed, Multimedia. My Sciece class was HIV/AIDS. In Multimedia, I have learned how to blog properly and I have learned some good interviewing skills. Both of these lessons will help me in the future. In HIV/AIDS, we learned all about the disease and how to prevent it.

The funniest thing that happened at HSI. . .

Isaiah Colbert and I had gotten some fake moustaches at Haystings. Once we got back to the 5th floor at a place known as the “Fishbowl”, we but on the moustaches and some sunglasses and started some comedy. We just did some improv, looking like a classic black/white pair of cops in NYC. Although it did get weird at times, it was way funny! I think it was funny because we were so random, but in my opinion (and apparently everybody else’s) Isaiah and I work well together as comedians.

Another funny moment would have to be HIV/AIDS class in general (Yes, seriously). In this class, we had no bounds. . . literally! There was one time where we were all had to pass different types of condoms (Yes, CONDOMS!) around the class. Our instructor had said, “Smell them and see if they turn you on.” The whole class laughed hysterically! This was only one example from this class out of thousands! Thanks to my teacher for making the class memorable.

How I’ve Grown

I feel like I have definitely grown as a person since I have come to this camp. When I first came here, I was a big-time intravert. I didn’t talk to a single person. I feel like that was what every one else felt too. As the camp progressed, i talked to more and more people. I believe that I found myself. I am now a big-time extravert and very friendly. I truthfully don’t care what people think about me anymore. Thank you so much guys for helping me grow!

We had to have seminar sessions during camp on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. One day (I believe it was the second week) we had a huge group session. Now, I can’t tell you what happened, cause that would ruin the activity for the rest of y’all. It basically led into bullying, something that has constantly been in my life. This session was most likely the most influencial part of this camp. I learned that the reason that people get under my skin is because I care. Now, I won’t lie to you guys, I cried during this whole session. It really did hit home for me. I am a changed person thanks to this camp and the seminar session. Thanks!!

This camp has prepared me for college. First, I know what it feels like to be away from my family. I have enjoyed it, but I still miss them. Also, I know what it is like to live in the dorms. I wish they had more comfy beds. Just saying haha.

If I could redo this whole camp over again, I would not be as shy as I was this time. I think it would have helped me out a lot more.

To all of you guys back home, I would like to say that this is definitely the best experience of my life. For you Freshman (now Sophomores, technically), please send your application! You will love it here!

Thank you everyone! I’ll keep this blog up for memories.


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Media Stereotypes


Hey everyone! I am back again with another post. As I have watched some old movies/cartoons from the 1940’s-60’s, I have noticed many stereotypes. Today’s post will be discussing the media’s stereotypes and how they have changed over time.

One of these stereotypes is gender. In one of the videos that my class viewed, a kid asks his dad why “mom cooks inside but you cook outside.” The dad responds by saying, “Well, a woman’s place is in the house, so i guess she should spend her time in the kitchen.” Basically, he just said that a woman is only good for cooking. This was a common stereotype back then. Nowadays, we see women as spies or something else, making them have the same status as a man.

Another common stereotype is the African-American stereotype. Back then, these people were portrayed as ignorant and clownish. This could mostly be seen in cartoons. I believe that this stereotype is true still today, it is just not as bad. Have you ever heard the saying “black men always die in scary movies”? If not, start paying attention. Nine out of ten times the black character will die in scary movies. Also, black actors are always funny (e.g. Martin Lawrence, Ice Cube, etc.), just like those in cartoons in the 1900’s. The one thing that has changed is the ignorance. African-Americans are no longer portrayed as ignorant.

All in all, stereotypes are still here today in media and in society. Watch out for them.


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Technology: The Drug of a New Generation


Hey everyone! I’m here again, and today we will be talking about multimedia and how addicting it is.

First of all, I’d like to talk about my experience before I start “hating” on others. I use technology literally EVERY day of life. It is a part of my life, and it would be hard to get rid of it. In school, I take a Multimedia class, so I am always around computers. And do you think that I resisted the temptation of browsing the web? Not a chance. There is always something funny to look up, like Key & Peele. Our teachers tolerate us doing this, but I don’t think that they like it. One reason probably being because they did not have this when they were younger.

When I am outside of school, I am way worse! I use my phone to text people, my Kindle Fire HD to listen to music and play games, and my Xbox 360 for video games (and no, I’m not getting payed for mentioning these names. I’m not that special.).

Now comes the topic of multitasking with media. Yes, it is possible to do it. Basically, you skip from one thing to another. For example, right now I am listening to Pandora, writing this post, and looking up more info on the upcoming “BATMAN: Arkham Origins” game. Doing all this at the same does not phase me at all. I am still paying attention, so I believe that I am still effective while multitasking.

In the future, as our technology gets better, I expect to see more multitasking during school. As more opportunities arise, kids will be more apt to take them. Although it is fun to multitask with media, it could have consequences. You could miss something very important that was said, for example. Or, while you are supposed to be getting work done, you could be looking up stuff on Google.

Right now, I bet that about 82% of you who are reading this post are doing something else at the same time. If not, here is a funny new video for you to watch. It is the music video to “YOLO” by The Lonely Island (feat. Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar).



MTV: Dawn of the New Age


Hey everyone! Today, I will be discussing MTV. I’m sure that everyone has heard of it. If not, you can either look it up on your Google search engine or go to this video for reference. Now, through this post I will have a couple of pictures. They won’t be too inappropriate; the worst will be a bikini (which is NOT that bad, guys).

Now, MTV has been discussed many times throughout the years. The main concern was that it went entirely against the morals of kids. This, to me, is true because of why they have it. They use the near-nude women (midriffs) and crazy, obnoxious, but cute guys (mooks) as a tool to sell their show. Think about it. If there was a music show and the people wore long dresses while singing and there was another one like MTV, which one would YOU watch? I don’t know about you, but I would personally choose MTV, I won’t lie.


As the years have progressed, MTV’s style has gotten more and more provagative. I believe that this is to attract more audiences to view MTV. It is like a spider web that has been woven by a monstrous spider that nothing can destroy. I believe that MTV should try to tune it down a little bit. Our society today is getting worse and worse, and I don’t think that MTV is helping at all.

With all of this having been said, I believe that MTV is awesome! They still have cool stuff! Except for this…..sorry Taylor!

‘Til next time,

-Quinton M.

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Where’s Waldo?: Product Placement in Entertainment

Hey everyone! Today, this post will be discussing product placement. Before you read this post, I would like you to watch these two videos (“3. The Times Are A-Changing” and “4. The Science of Selling”) so you can understand everything that I am discussing.

The one thing that I found surprising in these videos is how the media transitioned to the new-advertising. I didn’t think it would take that much trial and error to figure it out. I have always noticed certain brands creep into movies (e.g. Dwane Johnson always wearing Under-Armour in “G.I. Joe: Retaliation). Also, in every movie there are beverages that are advertised, such as Coke or Mountain Dew. Of course, there are thousands of other examples out there.


I believe that this practice of advertising is ethical. The businesses need the advertising. As the video said, technology is getting so far that people can skip the adds. If the adds are skipped, how can the products be advertised? In “The Science of Selling”, Clotaire Rapaille explained how to a person’s unconscious with adds, making them want to buy the product. I don’t believe that this is wrong. In fact, I give Rapaille kudos for figuring that out.

Rapaille, a marketing guru, argued that if you make a product appeal to a person, they will be more likely to buy it. In turn, he suggested that the companies make their SUVs bigger with tinted windows, because a person’s definition of an SUV is “tough and intimidating”. I personally believe everthing that Rapaille argued. He had it backed with science.

I bet now you will all be watching for these products. Here is a video from “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”. Enjoy!

-Quinton M.


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I’m Sexy and I Know It??


As you watch TV or read a magazine, you are constantly seeing pictures of celebrities and you just stare, wishing you could be like them. As the world gets farther and farther ahead in technology, the media is more prominant in society. This can have both a positive and a negative effect on society, but today I am just going to point out the faults.

Nowadays, the media shows pictures of “hot” celebrities in magazines, movies,. . .well, just about everything. These images have a negative effect on the world, especially in teens. They make the teens look at themselves and compare their bodies to the celebrities’. This causes the teens to try and look like the celebrities in any way possible (Note: Not all ways are good for your body). The images cause the teens to lose their self-worth, making them think that “they are fat” (girls) or “they are too scrawny” (boys). In my mind, this causes a lot of the problems within our youth today.

I have known many people who have let these images take control of their life, turning them into “zombies” whose only satisfaction was to be like those celebrities. The sad part is, once they get there, they won’t stop. They continue to believe that they are still where they started and keep working towards the ideal body (I understand that only some people take it to this extreme). There was once a time when even I felt insecure about my figure. But I got over it because I hated looking at myself and seeing something that I thought was nothing close to a celebrity’s bod. Instead, I made a plan for myself to look the way that I wanted, not focus on how other people look.

Truthfully, I have no suggestions in solving this problem, because it will always be there. All I can say is that I hope that you guys don’t take it to the extreme. You are awesome just the way you are!



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Interviewing’s Usefullness to the Soul

Hey everyone!

Just recently, we had to interview partners in our Multimedia class to tell their story. It was a very cool experience for me (though I have already interviewed someone in the past) because I learned a lot more about my friends’ backstories.

During the interview, I felt like I was the reader and my partner was a book. It felt so amazing to here their story from their own lips, giving it their own voice and making it more exciting than I will ever be able to in the story I write. When I was the interviewee, the tables turned. It was awesome to be able to tell someone who would actually listen my story. I loved trying to paint the mosaic for them, giving details of the topic that we were discussing.

The best part of the interviewing experience was getting to know your friends better. The worst part, I would have to say, is the fear that your story would change the way the other person views you in life.

I have nothing that I would do differently during the interview. I asked all of the right question, and I got all of the right answers. It is my belief that these interviewing skills will be very important in the future (e.g. new job, scholarships, etc.).

-Quinton M.

P.S.- Here is a funny video showing you what NOT to do for an “interview”. (You Can Do Anything)

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Books: Should Some Be Banned?


In today’s society, many books have been written that many people do not think are appropriate for most age groups. They believe that they corrupt the minds of the innocent and that the books should burn. I would like to take some time to explain my opinion by using And Tango Makes Three by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson as an example.

For those of you who don’t know, And Tango Makes Three is a picture book that tells the true story of Roy and Silo, two penguins in the New York Central Park Zoo. These two (male) penguins fall in love and adopt an egg. This story takes place during the 6 years that they are together and hatching/raising their penguin chick, Tango.

I guess it is pretty plain to see why this children’s book was banned; because of its homosexuality references. Most people are against homosexual relationships. They believe that it is wrong and it should be banned, just as this book is. I disagree.

It is my belief that this ban was unwarranted. First of all, banning this book technically goes against the Constitution (Freedom of Speech, Article 1). I believe that everyone in the world is entitled to do whatever make them happy. It’s life, everyone. Sure someone has different beliefs than you do. I’m pretty sure that a lot of you will disagree with me right now. Personally, I am not in favor of homosexuality, but you know what? I tolerate it. I know some homosexual people and they are pretty cool. It is there life to live, so I let them live it and I respect them.

I think that that is the secret to anything that happens and you are against: You need to tolerate it. This goes right back to the book banning. I don’t believe you should ban the books. I think that if the parent(s)/kid(s) don’t want to read them, then they shouldn’t. But leave it there for those that want to read them. Like I said before, try and tolerate the things you find offensive. It will help make life way easier.



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Extra! Extra!


Have you ever watched on TV the story of a devastating hurricane? How about the story of the team that won the Super Bowl? To make my point, news is an everyday part of life in today’s society.

There are many forms of news throughout the media (e.g. cable, network, blogs, etc.). Just as there are many different types of news, so are there many different versions of one story.

Cable news vs. Network news

Cable news and network news are two forms of news. To me, they are one and the same, just different channels on TV. Now that I have said this, many other people will disagree with me. Cable news (e.g. FOX, CNN, etc.) will get deeper into a story then network news. Also, some cable news channels will share news for a specific type of activity (e.g. ESPN for sports). Network news tells stories for a certain region, and can sometimes go in depth with the news stories. Also, network news showw the weather in different regions of the country. I don’t believe that these two forms of news are different because one is as equally important as the other.

Bloggers vs. Journalists

Now, what is the difference between bloggers and journalists? The difference is their voice and writing style. Bloggers are (sometimes) not professional writers like journalists. A journalist will write in third person, a perspective that tells a story as if they are on the outside looking in. This takes any of their natural voice and their opinions out of their writing, making there news story completely based off of fact and knowledge. In the case of the bloggers, they are able to speak in first person and give their own opinions. This can sometime disstort the news story, making it less accurate then a journalist’s story. The good thing about a blog story is that there is room for discussion, making it easier to connect with.

Through the news, not only the nation, but the world is connected.


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